Sub-Branch Object

This object is required when adding a branch level to a Branching modifier. For details of how to use it, please see the Branching modifier manual page.

Most parameters in this object work in the same way as in the Branching modifier and details can be found on the page dealing with that modifier.


The object's interface looks like this:

For the buttons at the bottom of the interface, please see the 'Common interface elements' page.


Most of the settings in this object are identical to those with the same name in the Branching modifier. There are some small differences, which are shown below.

Branch Group

You can specify that particles in this branch object belong to a different group from the source particle. This is useful if you want different branch levels to be affected by different modifiers, such as a Gravity modifier.

Note: if you specify a group here, only a subset of the group's properties are assigned to the new particle (colour, editor display, speed, radius, mass and scale). This is currently a limitation.

Add Branch Object

This button will add another Sub-Branch object to this Sub-Branch object as a child object of it. Once you have added a sub-branch this button is unavailable since only one sub-branch object per branch level is permitted.

Control Splines

These work in exactly the same way as in the main Branching modifier. Please refer to that page for details.

Enable Spawning

If this switch is checked, particles will be spawned from the particle which creates this branch. The settings (emitter to use, etc.) are in the main Branch modifier and different spawn settings for Sub-Branch objects are not available.

For all other parameters, please refer to the Branching modifier.