Sprite Modifier


This modifier lets you change which object is generated by an X-Particles Sprite object, and which material the sprites use.


This is the modifier's interface:

For the 'Groups Affected', 'Mapping', and 'Falloff' tabs, and for the buttons at the bottom of the interface, please see the 'Common interface elements' page.



Uncheck this switch to disable the modifier.


Independent [default setting]

In this mode, particles will be affected if they come into the field of effect of the modifier. X-Particle Actions have no effect on the modifier in this mode.


In this mode, the modifier will only act on a particle when told to do so by an Action. Until that point, the particle will not be affected, but once activated for a particular particle, the modifier will continue to influence it as long as it is in the field of effect of the modifier. The modifier's effect on a particle can be halted by means of another Action, if desired.

Generate Sprite

If this switch is unchecked, the Sprite object will not generate an object for the particle.

Change Sprite and Sprite Type

If the 'Change sprite' button is checked, you can use the 'Sprite type' drop-down to select which object is generated by the Sprite object. So for example, you could use this to change spheres to lights. If you do this, be sure to set up the parameters of the new type of sprite in the Sprite object before using the modifier.

Change Material and Material Index

If the 'Change material' button is checked, you can use the 'Material Index' field to select which material is applied to objects generated by the Sprite object. The index refers to the material list in the Textures tab of the Sprite object. It is up to you to make sure that the index refers to a valid material. For example, if you specify an index of 2, and there is only one material in the materials list of the Sprite object, no material will be applied to the sprite.