Tags: Freeze Tag

This tag can be used to halt X-Particles completely at a particular frame, then restart it again. Do not confuse it with the Freeze modifier, which is very different!

This tag will halt everything done by X-Particles - particle motion, trail generation, object and sprite generation, etc. Note that particle ages will NOT increase while the system is frozen!


The tag's interface looks like this:

For the buttons at the bottom of the interface, please see the 'Common interface elements' page.


Freeze X-particles

Checking this switch will halt X-Particles at the frame given in 'At Frame'. If you are generating Thinking Particles, these will also be frozen (and also will not age).

At Frame

The frame at which the system will be halted.

Unfreeze X-Particles

Restarts the system from the point at which it was frozen.

At Frame

The frame at which the system will be restarted.