Emitter: Object Tab

This tab deals with the emitter object itself.


By default the interface for this tab looks like this:

For the buttons at the bottom of the interface, please see the 'Common interface elements' page.

The interface may change, sometimes dramatically, depending on the options selected.


Note the presence of the 'quicktabs' interface element at the beginning of the section. In the above screenshot, there are two quicktabs and the selected tab - 'Emitter' - is shown with a white background. Various other quicktabs will appear as the selected options in the 'Emitter' quicktab change. However, the two quicktabs shown above are always available.

Each quicktab has its own manual page to reduce the time spent trying to find information in a very long page.

The available quicktabs are:

  1. Emitter quicktab
  2. Initial State quicktab
  3. Texture quicktab
  4. Topology quicktab
  5. Illumination quicktab
  6. Object Color quicktab
  7. Falloff quicktab