Render Information Watermark

X-Particles can display information about each frame when rendered in the form of a watermark on the rendered image. To do this, add the 'X-Particles Render Info' post-effect to the Cinema 4D render settings.


This is the watermark post-effect's interface:



A drop-down menu setting where the information will appear, either at the Top or Bottom of the image.

Text Color, Background Color

The colours used for the text and the background to it.


The opacity of the watermark.

Information to be displayed

Each tick box, if checked, will display a certain piece of information. These are:

Render Frame

The current frame number.

Live Particles

The number of live particles in the frame.

Render Time

The time to render the frame.


The current date and time.

X-Particles Version

The version of X-Particles used.