How to Contact Us

The Insydium Team

We can be found in the following places:

  1. On Facebook at
  2. On Twitter
  3. Through the links to email forms at
  4. At our online Community Forum at
  5. At our Discord channel
  6. On YouTube at
  7. On Vimeo at
  8. On LinkedIn at
  9. On Instagram at

Support questions for Cycles 4D will only be answered through the support system which can be accessed on our website (see point 3 above). The Community Forum or the Discord channel are for communication and discussion, but not for support from us.

Corporate Information

Cycles 4D is owned and developed by INSYDIUM LTD, a private limited company in the UK. INSYDIUM is a producer of plugins for Cinema 4D, the leading 3D graphics software from MAXON Computer.

For more details of our company please see the company web site.