Emitter Object

The manual page for the emitter is split into several different pages. In addition each tab in the emitter user interface may have one or more 'quicktabs'. To make it easier to locate the required information, rather than searching through one long page each quicktab has its own manual page. Links to these pages are as follows:

  1. Object tab
    1. Emitter quicktab
    2. Initial State quicktab
    3. Texture quicktab
    4. Topology quicktab
    5. Illumination quicktab
    6. Object Color quicktab
    7. Falloff quicktab
  2. Emission tab
    1. Emission quicktab
    2. Motion Inheritance quicktab
    3. Thinking Particles quicktab
  3. Extended Data tab
    1. General Data quicktab
    2. Physical Data quicktab
    3. Fluid Data quicktab
    4. Custom Data quicktab
  4. Groups tab
  5. Display tab
    1. Particles quicktab
    2. HUD quicktab
    3. Modifier Field quicktab
  6. Questions tab
  7. Modifiers tab
  8. Editing tab
  9. Advanced tab