Seed Object

The X-Particles Seed Object

This is a general-purpose seed object used to determine the starting point of some function. For example, it is used (and is required) by the Infectio Modifier and the VertexMap Maker object (when in 'From Seed' mode).

The object interface looks like this:

For the buttons at the bottom of the interface, please see the 'Common interface elements' page.


Uncheck this switch to disable the seed object. It will then not be included in the list of seed objects to use by other objects.


The seed object is displayed as a small sphere on screen. You can change the size with this settings.


This setting is only used by the Infectio modifier.

For Infectio, this is the minimum incubation rate the particle must have to be used as a seed particle. The default value is zero, so that any particle will be a seed particle as long as it is within the seed object's sphere of action. This means that even particles with an incubation rate of zero - meaning that they can enter the incubation phase but never become infected - can be a seed object.

This might sometimes be undesirable. Setting the threshold value to greater than zero ensures that only particles with that incubation rate or higher will act as seeds. This can be particularly useful when animating the size or position of the seed object.