Emitter: Extended Data Tab

This tab deals with additional data which can be used by the particles. An X-Particles emitter will always create certain basic data for all particles, such as speed, direction, color, etc. But in some cases additional data, sometimes quite a lot of it, may be required for certain functions. Always including this data, even when it will never be required, is very wasteful of RAM and may also slow down the particle engine, so this extra data is only stored when required.

In some cases the extra data will be added automatically, but in others you must specify that you require this data. For example, if you want to use particle rotations, you must check the switch 'Use Rotation' in the rotation data section in this tab.



Note the presence of the 'quicktabs' interface element at the beginning of the section. In the above screenshot, there are three quicktabs and the selected tab - 'General Data' - is shown with a white background.

Each quicktab has its own manual page to reduce the time spent trying to find information in a very long page.

The available quicktabs are:

  1. General Data
  2. Physical Data
  3. Fluid Data
  4. Custom Data