Action: Unlink TP

This action unlinks a Thinking Particles (TP) particle from its corresponding X-Particle. It can either do so directly, or can act by changing an Unlink TP modifier in the scene.


The Action's interface looks like this:

As explained in the Emitter object, X-Particles can be set to generate Thinking Particles as well as its own, internal particles. It is possible, using a switch in the emitter, to disconnect the generated Thinking Particles from the control of the X-Particles system. This is a global, all-or-none setting.

But what if you want to keep a specific Thinking Particle under X-Particles control until a certain time, then release it so that you can use other TP forces, presets, etc. on it? That is what this Action does. When triggered, it will unlink a Thinking Particle from its corresponding X-Particle. You can do this by using the Action in direct mode, or by using it to control an Unlink TP modifier.



This sets the operation mode of the Action. There are two options:

Direct Change

The Action will directly unlink the particle affected by the Action. It does NOT require an Unlink TP modifier. This lets you unlink Thinking Particles at a precise point without having to work indirectly through a modifier, which can be a little convoluted for such a simple alteration.

Control Modifier

In this case the Action will activate an Unlink TP modifier so that it will unlink the particle.

Note: this action can only enable a modifier for a particle. It cannot disable such a modifier because there is no effect the modifier carries out which can be turned off.

Control Modifier Mode

Unlink TP Modifier

This field is only available if you choose 'Control Modifier' in the Mode setting.

This field accepts an Unlink TP modifier which you drag into the field from the Object Manager. Without a linked modifier, you cannot access any of the other parameters and the Action will have no effect. In addition, in the modifier's interface the Mode parameter MUST be set to 'Action-Controlled'. If it is set to 'Independent' the modifier will simply work on its own like any of the standard Cinema 4D modifiers and the Action will have no effect on it.