Rendering X-Particles

Shaders and Materials

X-Particles comes with a variety of shaders and materials for rendering the output of your simulations. These include:

Distance Shader

Used to shade objects depending on their distance from a scene camera or object.

Object Shader

Takes the colour of a particle and enables access to it in a shader tree.

Proximity Shader

Shades the surface depending on the closeness of a particle.

Sample Shader

Samples nearby particles to determine how to shade a point on a surface.

Skinner Shader

Used specifically for rendering a Skinner object.

Sound Shader

Used in a Cinema 4D material to colour an object by means of a sound file.

Sprite Shader

This is a special shader designed to allow particle-dependent effects to be applied to X-Particles sprites.

Wet Map Shader

Used to shade a 'wet map' on any object.

X-Particles Material

The standard material used to render the particles themselves. It can also be used to render splines, including the X-Particles Trail object and any other Cinema 4D spline.

Gaseous Material

This shader is used to render fire and smoke when using X-Particles.

Other settings

Render Settings

Details of the render settings used when you add an X-Particles material to a scene.

Render Info Watermark

Used to display information about each frame when rendered in the form of a watermark on the rendered image.

Additional information

FLIP and Volumetric Rendering

Details of how to use the FLIP Domain object and Fluid object.