Getting Started with X-Particles


Welcome to X-Particles! Thank you for using this plugin for Cinema 4D.

This is the latest version of the premier particle system for MAXON’s Cinema 4D. Features of this system include:

  • far greater power and speed than C4D’s basic particle emitter or Thinking Particles
  • most objects are multithreaded
  • fluid simulation, constraints, and multiphysics
  • volumetric rendering, smoke and fire
  • spline rendering without geometry
  • numerous particle modifiers
  • its own unique control system that does not use Xpresso but utilises a system of question and action objects which are seen in the object manager in the same way as other objects
  • an inbuilt sprite generator and particle skinner
  • additional objects such as a Trail object, Fragmenter, Elektrix, Spline Mesher, etc.
  • several special shaders to use with the system
  • compatibility with the standard C4D particle modifiers and (when generating sprites or other geometry) with the C4D object deformers and Mograph effectors
  • Xpresso nodes included
  • inbuilt functions such as flocking, target following, and particle tracing
  • compatibility with C4D’s dynamics system
  • a particle material to render particles without using geometry
  • can optionally generate Thinking Particles so it can be used with Pyrocluster and the Hair renderer
  • compatibility with Net render (Cinema 4D R14 and earlier), Team Render, and the command-line renderer for use with render farms
  • compatibility with MAXON's Licence Server environment

New features and changes

New features and changes from earlier versions of X-Particles can be found on the page 'What's new in X-Particles'.

System requirements

Please see the system requirements page for full details.


Please see the separate installation page for details of how to install X-Particles. A fuller explanation can be found on our web site.

Demo version

A demo version of X-Particles is also available. This demo expires after a certain time, and has a number of restrictions.

More information on the demo version can be found on the X-Particles web site.

Entering a licence

Please see the page on managing licences for details on X-Particles licences and how to enter them.

Using X-Particles for the first time

We recommend starting with the page 'Using X-Particles' and if required the pages in that sub-menu in the left sidebar. Further information can be found in this manual, in the online video manual, and on social media - see the Contacts page for details.

Accessing Help

This help file can be accessed at any time from the main X-Particles menu by choosing Help & Support -> Reference Manual..., or by clicking the help button  at the bottom of the interface for each object.

You can also access the video manual directly from any object by clicking the video manual button  which again is located at the bottom of the object's interface.

In addition context-sensitive help is available for many (though not all) X-Particles objects. Right-click on a parameter in an object and choose 'Show Help' from the context menu. That will open this manual and go directly to the section for that parameter.

We hope you enjoy this system and look forward to comments and suggestions for improvement. You can get in touch with us in several ways, please see the Contact page for details.

The Insydium Team