Rewind Modifier

This modifier is deprecated in the latest version of X-Particles and is replaced by the History modifier, which is easier to use and gives more control over the playback process. The Rewind modifier is retained for backwards compatibility only, and cannot be created from the X-Particles menus, but only by loading an older scene which contains it. This modifier may be removed in later versions of X-Particles.


This modifier lets you record various particle parameters - position, size, direction, speed, etc. - and then use the stored data to 'rewind' the particles at a later stage. Think of it as a local, temporary cache of data which can be reused as many times as required.

Important: please read the section on 'How to use the Rewind modifier' before using it for the first time.


This modifier contains the following sections:

For the 'Groups Affected', 'Mapping', and 'Falloff' tabs, and for the buttons at the bottom of the interface, please see the 'Common interface elements' page.


General quicktab


Uncheck this switch to disable the modifier.


Independent [default setting]

In this mode, the modifier will work in the same way as a standard Cinema 4D particle modifier: particles will be affected if they come into the field of effect of the modifier. X-Particle Actions have no effect on the modifier in this mode.


In this mode, the modifier will only act on a particle when told to do so by an Action. Until that point, the particle will not be affected, but once activated for a particular particle, the modifier will continue to influence it as long as it is in the field of effect of the modifier. The modifier's effect on a particle can be halted by means of another Action, if desired.

Start Rewind

This is the time that you want to start rewinding the particle. The time refers to particle age, NOT the current scene time.

Rewind Length

This is the length of time to rewind the particle.

The default setting for 'Start Rewind' is 2 seconds (60 frames at 30 frames per second) and the default 'Rewind Length' is 1 second (30 frames at 30 fps). What this means is that the modifier will start to rewind the particle at 60 frames and will rewind it for 30 frames, so that when rewinding is complete the particle will be where it was when it was 30 frames old. What happens then depends on the 'Freeze at End Rewind' switch.

Freeze at End Rewind

If this switch is checked the particle will freeze when rewinding is complete. You can unfreeze it at any time by using a Freeze modifier or Freeze action.

If this switch is unchecked the particle will move again with the direction, speed, etc. that it previously had when it was at that point.

Use Rewind Color, Rewind Color

If 'Use Rewind Color' is checked the particles will change to the colour setting given in 'Rewind Color' while rewinding, then revert to the actual particle colour when rewinding is complete. It is intended as a visual cue so that you know when a particle is being rewound; its use is entirely optional.

Actions quicktab

Actions on Rewind End, Add Action

The 'Actions on Rewind End' list can contain Actions which are carried out when the particle has finished rewinding. Drag the required Actions into the list or use the 'Add Action' button to create a new Action.

How to use the Rewind Modifier

Using the modifier is very easy but there is one important step to follow before using it.

Turn on extended particle data for this modifier

To cut down on the amount of data each particle collects, saving on memory CPU cycles, not all data required by every component in the system is collected by default. To use the Rewind modifier, you MUST turn on data collection for it. To do that, go to the emitter and in the Extended Data tab, 'Other Extended Data' section, turn on 'Rewind Data':

Now the emitter will collect the data the modifier needs.