Explode Modifier

This modifier causes particles to 'explode' away from their current position.


This modifier has the following sections:

For the 'Groups Affected', 'Mapping', and 'Falloff' tabs, and for the buttons at the bottom of the interface, please see the 'Common interface elements' page.


General quicktab


Uncheck this switch to disable the modifier.


Independent [default setting]

In this mode, the modifier will work in the same way as a standard Cinema 4D particle modifier: particles will be affected if they come into the field of effect of the modifier. X-Particle Actions have no effect on the modifier in this mode.


In this mode, the modifier will only act on a particle when told to do so by an Action. Until that point, the particle will not be affected, but once activated for a particular particle, the modifier will continue to influence it as long as it is in the field of effect of the modifier. The modifier's effect on a particle can be halted by means of another Action, if desired.

Explode Away From

This drop-down has two settings:

Particle Mass Centre

The centre of mass of all the particles is first calculated. A particle which is affected by the modifier will then explode away from the centre of mass. This is a useful option if the modifier is in action-controlled mode and you activate the modifier with an Action.

This Modifier

With this option, a particle which is affected by the modifier will then explode away from the position of the modifier itself. This is useful if you are animating the modifier and it has a falloff other than infinite, since the particles can then be stripped away from an object by moving the modifier over that object.

Speed and Variation

This is the speed with which the particles will move when they explode. You can add some random variation to this with the 'Variation' setting.

Unstick if Necessary

If a particle is stuck to an object, for example by a Cover/Target modifier or by sticking the particle to an object at emission, the particle must be unstuck for this modifier to work. This will be done automatically if this switch is checked. Otherwise you will have to use an Action to unstick the particle first.

Set Speed at Start Only

If this switch is checked, the modifier will set the initial particle speed using the 'Speed' and 'Variation' settings, but once the particle has been exploded. it will not set the speed again. If this is unchecked, the speed will be set again each frame. If 'Variation' is a value other than zero, this will lead to random variations in particle speed each frame.

Actions quicktab

Actions on Explode

Actions dragged into this list will be executed when any particle is 'exploded' by the modifier.

Add Action

Clicking this button will add an action to the scene and drop it into the Actions list.