Point Generator Object

The Point Generator object is used in conjunction with the Shatter object, where it acts as a point container or volume container for a shatter layer. For more details of how to use the Point Generator object, please see the Shatter Object manual page.

You can add a Point Generator object from the X-Particles menu and drag it into the xpPointContainer or xpVolumeContainer link fields in the Shatter object. Or click the 'Create xpPointContainer' or 'Create xpVolumeContainer' buttons in the Shatter object to create and add it automatically.


The interface changes slightly depending on the type of container selected:

Point Container mode

Volume mode

Note that changing from Point Container to Volume mode or vice versa will change both the colour of the object in the viewport AND its name in the object manager.



This menu controls which mode the point generator is in. Please see the xpShatter object for details. The options are:

Point Container

The object is used as a standard point generator in the xpShatter object.


The object is used when in the xpShatter object shattering is triggered by entering the volume of this object.


The colour of the object in the viewport.


The shape of the container. The options are a Sphere or a Box.


Only available if 'Type' is set to 'Sphere'. This is the radius of the sphere.

Min, Max

Only available if 'Type' is set to 'Box'. These values represent the size of the box expressed as the distance in scene units from its centre point. You can also resize the box by dragging the control handles.