Managing X-Particles Licences and Serial Numbers

Changing your serial number

In some cases you might need to change the serial number of the X-Particles licence on your machine (e.g. freelancers who work for more than one company and need to use the relevant company's licence).

You can do this by clicking 'Change Serial Number...' in the main X-Particles menu. Doing so will display this dialog box:

Your name, email address and current X-Particles serial number will automatically be filled in for you.

You can then alter these settings as required and click the OK button to make the change.


Click this button to change the serial number.


Click this button to abandon any changes and close the window.


Clicking this button will disable the X-Particles licence on this machine, making the licence available for use in an installation of Cinema 4D on another machine (assuming you have an unlocked licence). Note that X-Particles will stay disabled on this machine until you re-enable it from this dialog box. It will not be re-enabled by restarting Cinema. Compare this to the Licence Manager (see below) which lets you temporarily release a licence for use on another machine.

Licence Manager

The X-Particles Licence Manager allows you to see which seats are in use on which machines. This is of most use if you have multiple seats for a licence and need to close one to free it up; you can see which machines are using them using the licence manager.

To see the manager, click 'X-Particles Licence Manager...' from the main X-Particles menu. A window like this will appear (some details have been deliberately obscured):

You can close the licence on this computer if you are not currently using X-Particles but need to use the licence on another machine.

Release License

Clicking this button will temporarily release the X-Particles licence so that you can use the licence on another machine (assuming this is an unlocked licence). You can use X-Particles on this machine again by clicking 'Allocate License' or by restarting Cinema 4D (in both cases this of course is dependent on a licence seat being available). Note that this differs from the serial number manager (see above) which lets you permanently disable an X-Particles licence on a machine until you deliberately re-enable it.

Allocate License

If you have released the X-Particles licence on a machine you can re-allocate it by clicking this button. This assumes that a licence seat is available, of course.