What's New in X-Particles

X-Particles Early Access build March 2019

You can see these new features on a page where you see this image:

The new features include:

Object shattering

Integrated dynamics

  • Dynamics Tag: allows integrated dynamics for simulations using X-Particles

Quick Tools

  • Quick Tools: a series of presets and workflow tools to make working with X-Particles quicker and easier

Other new objects

  • Display Render Generator: allows you to render the particle shapes you see in the editor (circles, pyramids, etc.) and FlowField and modifier field vectors
  • Metagroups a new type of particle group object, you can select which particles join the group by criteria you specify
  • Particle Sample Shader a new shader to shade an object depending on particle parameters such as speed or mass
  • SplineGrowth Object control the length of splines, lets you grow or shrink splines over time
  • Trail Tip Tag added

Emitter changes

Modifier changes

  • Attractor Modifier new viewport icon to show where particles will be attracted to
  • Colour Modifier can now colour particles using a Vertex Color Tag; the modifier can now change the particle shape as well as colour
  • Cover Modifier two new modes, 'Nearest Surface Point' and 'Nearest Vertex' added; more control over which material channels to use when in Texture mode
  • Drag Modifier scene units (cm, miles, etc.) can now be used, which makes the behaviour more similar to real life drag
  • Infectio Modifier more control over particle colour change when using particle groups
  • Inherit Modifier more parameters can be inherited and there are additional controls over inheritance
  • Network Modifier new 'Distance Travelled' mode added
  • Physical Modifier and Scale Modifier it is now possible to control parameters in these modifiers using a 3D shader (e.g. Noise) as is done in the Colour modifier to control colour
  • Scale Modifier changes in radius, mass and scale can now be made using a percentage of the particle value rather than an absolute value (so particles with different radii don't all scale at the same rate, for example)
  • Spawn Modifier spawned particles can inherit UV emission data from their source particle
  • Vortex Modifier new Helix mode added

Other changes

X-Particles Public Release October 24th 2018

This version contains all the features previously available in the Early Access builds to September 2018, plus some additional new features.


  • revised particle core and collision engine with much greater speed
  • compatibility with Cinema 4D R20 using the Insydium Bridge plugin
  • R20 Fields are now supported, the Falloff tab of any object now shows the standard Fields display. The X-Particles falloffs are in the Fields list in their own panel (this applies to Cinema 4D R20 only)
  • enhanced quicktab functionality in the user interface



  • enhanced functionality and the ability to mesh volumes in the OpenVDB mesher
  • new option in the Trail object to handle Infectio trails
  • option to create a Vertex Color Tag added to the Fragmenter object (Cinema 4D R18 and higher only)
  • new distance controls in xpElektrix

Dynamics Objects


Other Objects