What's New in X-Particles

X-Particles Public Release July 4th 2019

This version contains all the features previously available in the Early Access builds to March 2019, plus some additional new features.

You can see the new features since the last public release on a page where you see this image:

Object shattering

New dynamics object

  • Dynamics Tag: allows integrated dynamics for simulations using X-Particles
  • Splash Object: allows easy production of fluid splash effects
  • Sheeter Object: generates thin sheets of particles in a fluid simulation

Quick Tools

  • Quick Tools: a series of presets and workflow tools to make working with X-Particles quicker and easier

Other new objects

  • Display Render Generator: allows you to render the particle shapes you see in the editor (circles, pyramids, etc.) and FlowField and modifier field vectors
  • Metagroups a new type of particle group object, you can select which particles join the group by criteria you specify
  • Particle Sample Shader a new shader to shade an object depending on particle parameters such as speed or mass
  • SplineGrowth Object control the length of splines, lets you grow or shrink splines over time
  • Sheeter Object Action: control the new Sheeter object with this action
  • Trail Tip Tag added

Emitter changes

  • Emission from an object new direction mode, Perpendicular to Normal (particles are emitted tangentially to the face normal)
  • Particle display new Cylinder type added
  • Variation field added to custom data on emission
  • Emitter icon in 'controlled-only' mode uses the emitter icon colour rather than a fixed colour

Modifier changes

  • Attractor Modifier new viewport icon to show where particles will be attracted to
  • Color Modifier can now colour particles using a Vertex Color Tag; the modifier can now change the particle shape as well as colour
  • Cover Modifier two new modes, 'Nearest Surface Point' and 'Nearest Vertex' added; more control over which material channels to use when in Texture mode
  • Drag Modifier scene units (cm, miles, etc.) can now be used, which makes the behaviour more similar to real life drag
  • Infectio Modifier more control over particle colour change when using particle groups
  • Inherit Modifier more parameters can be inherited and there are additional controls over inheritance
  • Network Modifier new 'Distance Travelled' mode added
  • Physical Modifier and Scale Modifier it is now possible to control parameters in these modifiers using a 3D shader (e.g. Noise) as is done in the Color Modifier to control colour
  • Scale Modifier changes in radius, mass and scale can now be made using a percentage of the particle value rather than an absolute value (so particles with different radii don't all scale at the same rate, for example)
  • Spawn Modifier spawned particles can inherit UV emission data from their source particle
  • Vortex Modifier new Helix mode added

Other changes

X-Particles Public Release October 24th 2018

This version contains all the features previously available in the Early Access builds to September 2018, plus some additional new features.


  • revised particle core and collision engine with much greater speed
  • compatibility with Cinema 4D R20 using the Insydium Bridge plugin
  • R20 Fields are now supported, the Falloff tab of any object now shows the standard Fields display. The X-Particles falloffs are in the Fields list in their own panel (this applies to Cinema 4D R20 only)
  • enhanced quicktab functionality in the user interface



  • enhanced functionality and the ability to mesh volumes in the OpenVDB mesher
  • new option in the Trail object to handle Infectio trails
  • option to create a Vertex Color Tag added to the Fragmenter object (Cinema 4D R18 and higher only)
  • new distance controls in xpElektrix

Dynamics Objects


Other Objects