What's New in X-Particles

X-Particles Public Release October 24th 2018

This version contains all the features previously available in the Early Access builds to September 2018, plus some additional new features.

You can see these new features on a page where you see this image:


  • revised particle core and collision engine with much greater speed
  • compatibility with Cinema 4D R20 using the Insydium Bridge plugin
  • R20 Fields are now supported, the Falloff tab of any object now shows the standard Fields display. The X-Particles falloffs are in the Fields list in their own panel (this applies to Cinema 4D R20 only)
  • enhanced quicktab functionality in the user interface



  • enhanced functionality and the ability to mesh volumes in the OpenVDB mesher
  • new option in the Trail object to handle Infectio trails
  • option to create a Vertex Color Tag added to the Fragmenter object (Cinema 4D R18 and higher only)
  • new distance controls in xpElektrix

Dynamics Objects


Other Objects