Emitter: Questions tab



This tab contains the list of Question objects which particles generated by this emitter will be tested against.

Add Question

Clicking this button will create a Question object and will automatically add it to the emitter's Questions list (note: the Question is added to the 'Test and pass once' list. If you need the Question to be in the 'Test all frames' list, you will have to copy it into that list and delete it from the first list). This is a convenience function to allow you to add a question object to the scene and assign it to this emitter without having to drag it into the questions list manually.

Question lists

There are two lists of questions. Drag a Question object into one of these lists, or click the 'Add Question' button..

The first list - 'Test and Pass Once' contains those questions which are tested for each particle until it passes the question. From that point on, the question will not be tested again for that particular particle. This is very useful for building up sequences in which certain actions only take place once previous ones have been carried out. How this works is governed by the 'Mode' setting and is explained fully in the Question object page.

The second list - 'Test all frames' contains questions which will be tested against each particle every frame. Even if the question is passed for a particle in one frame, it will continue to be tested each frame. This is particularly useful when you want an action to be carried out every time a certain criterion is met.

Note that any question can be dropped into either or both lists.

Disabling questions

It is possible to disable individual questions temporarily, which can be useful when testing them. To do this, simply click the green tick next to the question in the list so that a red cross is displayed. That question will not be tested until you click the red cross to restore the green tick:

Note: in some cases (which appear to happen randomly), when importing a scene built in an earlier version of X-Particles the questions may be disabled in the emitter. If you find that an older scene does not work, check the questions in the emitter to be sure they are enabled.


This drop-down menu only applies to questions in the 'Test and pass once' list. It has two entries:

  • Bypass unanswered questions [default setting]
  • Strict sequential order

Please refer to the Question object where these options are explained.