Installing X-Particles 4

Install location

In X-Particles 3 it is recommended that X-Particles is installed in the plugins folder in the user preferences folder rather than the folder containing the Cinema 4D program file. The user data folder for Cinema 4D can be found in Cinema itself by opening the Preferences dialog and looking at the bottom of the ‘Interface’ tab:

Within that folder you will see a folder named 'plugins'. Unzip the downloaded archive file into that folder.

Why have we done this?

The reason for this is that if you install X-Particles into the plugins folder where the Cinema 4D executable is located, the online updater will sometimes fail, due to the protection given by the operating system to the Program Files or Applications folders.

If you install X-Particles into the same location as the Cinema 4D executable

If you do do this, X-Particles will still run, but the online updater may or may not work correctly if X-Particles is not installed in this location, for the reason given above.

Entering your serial number

When you restart Cinema after installation, you will need to enter your serial number. A dialog box appears like this:

Enter the name and email address used to purchase X-Particles into the relevant fields, and enter the serial number supplied by us into the serial number field.

When you click the 'OK' button X-Particles will validate your licence by communicating with our dedicated server. After that it will not need to validate the serial every time you run Cinema, but it will need to do so once within every 21 day period after installation. If it cannot do so, the licence will stop working and you will need to contact us by email through our support email address.

Please note that therefore your machine MUST have access to the internet before you can use it for the first time. If the licence cannot be validated the plugin will not work.

The X-Particles menu

Note that X-Particles does not appear in the Cinema 4D Plugins menu. Instead it has its own entry in the main menu bar.

Serial number problems

If you have difficulty entering your serial number, please see the support pages on our website in the first instance. Go to  then enter the requested details and the nature of the problem.

If you still having problems, you can contact us by email. The address is found in our support pages.