Display Render Object

X-Particles can display a number of different particle shapes in the viewport, and it also draws the modifier fields and flow fields vectors.

Normally, these cannot be rendered. However, with this object you can render the particles and field vectors as they appear in the editor.

How it works

This is a generator object which takes each particle (or field vector) and constructs renderable geometry from it. In the case of the field vectors and most particle shapes, the generated object is a spline, and you can render it using the X-Particles material. In a few cases the object is a polygon object and you should use the X-Particles Object Shader in a channel material.


For the 'Groups Affected' tab and for the buttons at the bottom of the interface, please see the 'Common interface elements' page.



Uncheck this switch to turn the object off. If it is off particles and vectors will not be rendered.


This drop-down menu selects which type of object will be rendered. The options are:

Particle Display

The particle shapes are rendered. You will need to supply an emitter in the 'Emitter' link field. Most shapes are rendered as splines but some are polygon objects. The shapes rendered as polygon objects are:

  • Squares
  • Spheres
  • Arrows (Filled)
  • Box (Filled)
  • Circle (Filled)
  • Plane Filled)

FlowField Display

FlowField vectors are rendered as splines. You will need to supply a FlowField object in the 'FlowField' link field.

Modifier Field

Modifier field vectors are rendered as splines. You will need to supply an emitter in the 'Emitter' link field and in the emitter's 'Display' tab, 'Modifier Field' quicktab, turn on 'Show Field'.

A link field for an X-Particles emitter. Not visible if 'Generate' is set to 'FlowField Display'.

A link field for a FlowField object. Only visible if 'Generate' is set to 'FlowField Display'.

Add Emitter

Click this button to create a new emitter and add it to the 'Emitter' link field. Not available if 'Generate' is set to 'FlowField Display'.

Geometry on Render Only

Since you are reproducing in the render what is already visible in the viewport, there is no good reason to generate the spline or polygon objects in the viewport; that simply slows down Cinema 4D. To prevent that, leave this switch checked. If for some reason you really want to see the splines or polygon objects in the viewport, uncheck this switch.

Spline Editor Types

These are the usual spline parameters seen in Cinema 4D. They are of course only applicable when splines are being generated.