We would like to thank all our beta-testers for the work they did in helping to bring X-Particles to its release and then on to version 4. However, there are some people without whom this plugin would not exist, or at least would exist in a much less capable and robust form. They deserve special acknowledgement and our sincere thanks:

Lothar Mai and Paul Taylor: Lothar and Paul have been tireless in finding bugs and testing the system to destruction! They also made a number of very useful suggestions which markedly improved functionality in virtually every area of the plugin.

Mario Tran Phuc, Joel Dubin, Patrick Goski, Josh Johnson, Casey Hupke, Jon Bosley, Carl Glittenberg, Tim Clapham, Fuat Yuksel, Ben Watts, Dino Muhic, Derya Ozturk, and others have all made many contributions to bug finding and suggestions for improvements.

Manuel Casasola Merkle: Manuel suggested the key concept of separating the functions of the emitter from those of the actions and modifiers. Previously all these functions were in one monolithic file, which was cumbersome and lacked flexibility. By separating the functions which acted on particles from the emitter, we have a system with great flexibility and a modular approach which is easy to extend. He also provided advice for the writing of the Xpresso nodes in X-Particles.

Again, thanks to all our testers and especially those mentioned above. We hope they don't mind being named here, but we felt their contribution was so great we had to make it known to every user of X-Particles.

Steve Pedler
Mike Batchelor
David O'Reilly

December 2017